Individuals and groups

Improve relationships, help manage stress and anxiety– and not get crushed by life’s stressors and circumstances.

Topics will include: Mindfulness to vs autopilot, stress response and stress reactivity, curiosity, kindness and non-judgement as a frame, cultivating compassion for yourself and others, connectedness, openness and new perspectives, difficult communications, dealing with the unwanted, and cultivating joy, awe and peace. 


  •  To calm the mind and body
  •  To deal with the unwanted in life
  •  To help us direct attention so we can improve focus and concentration
  • To meet our thoughts, emotions and sensations as they arise (not squashing them down or avoiding them) 
  • To cultivate greater awareness of the present moment–so life doesn’t pass us by. 
  • To be aware of stressors and how to respond more skillfully.
  • To lower anxiety and depression
  • To increase health and wellbeing